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Trezor Wallet - Best Harware online wallet

It is always recommended to go for expert suggestions whenever you are investing in anything. And when it comes to cryptocurrency, experts always recommend you choose safe crypto exchanges and crypto-wallets. Being a crypto investor, you must be aware of the importance that crypto wallets hold. And therefore, you must choose a crypto storage facility that is highly safe and does not let you compromise the security of your funds. And that’s where the Trezor wallet comes in handy. Although this is not a free wallet service like other software wallets, it is worth the money you pay for using it.

Therefore, we have decided to introduce you to this wallet so that you can go ahead with setting it up for safe crypto storage and manage your funds seamlessly. Before we guide you through the Trezor wallet setup procedure, we want you to ensure that you have purchased the Trezor device from authentic sources and the package’s seal was not tempered.

Exclusive features of Trezor hardware wallet

Here is the list of reasons why people have been using this wallet and why you should also consider using it to maximize the security of your funds:

  • The price of this wallet is highly affordable which means you will get a whole lot of features at a very low price

  • On Trezor One wallet, you can store around 1000 different types of digital coins and assets

  • Since Trezor is a trusted name in the field of hardware wallets, therefore you should not give it a second thought before purchasing it

  • Users are provided with a secret recovery phrase with which you can easily recover your wallet in case you ever forget the login credentials

  • The simple-to-use interface makes it pretty convenient for beginners and trained investors

How do you download Trezor bridge?

With the Trezor Bridge installed on your device, you can easily connect your Trezor device to the internet. Just make sure you download Trezor Bridge only from the official or authentic website. Otherwise, you may fall prey to an online scam. So, here are the steps that you need to follow for the same:

  1. First of all, visit Trezor wallet website

  2. On the landing page, you can select your operating system from the drop-down

  3. After selecting the correct operating system for your device, click “Download latest Bridge 2.0.27”

  4. The file shall start downloading on your system and needs to be opened later on

  5. After opening the .exe file, give the necessary permissions and you’re done

Setting up Trezor software wallet

  1. Take off the components from the Trezor wallet box

  2. Now, connect the device to your computer

  3. It’s time to navigate to

  4. Now, install the wallet extension or the Bridge on your device

  5. After installing the firmware, confirm the fingerprints

  6. Plug out and plug in your Trezor device

  7. And then, go to

  8. Give your wallet a name and set up a PIN

  9. Now, save the seed phrase when you are asked to

  10. Finally, you can start accessing the wallet features whenever needed

How do you access your Trezor wallet?

In order to sign in and access your wallet, you can follow the steps we are listing below:

  1. From your browser, visit the website

  2. Now, type the login PIN in the given space

  3. Then, hit the “Enter” option to enter into your wallet’s interface

  4. How do you get the Trezor suite installed?

  5. In order to download the Trezor suite on your device, you can take help of the listed steps:

  6. Open a browser on your system with which you connected your Trezor device

  7. Next up, make a visit to Trezor wallet

  8. Click on the Operating System icon to open and choose the preferred OS

  9. After choosing your device’s OS, click the “Get the desktop app” option

  10. Wait for the suite to get installed and you can then launch it to start its usage


For safely managing your crypto funds, expert cryptocurrency investors suggest all its users invest in a hardware wallet. With Trezor wallet, you can easily manage more than 1000 crypto tokens at the one-stop-shop. All you need to do is purchase the hardware wallet device from authentic stores or online retailers and then set it up the way we have suggested you to.

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